ha6aThe HANGAB-elevator was developed in cooperation with Hans-Martin Hipp (Fa. Hipp-Engineering). With this tool it is possible to let the person who has been treated down to the ground with absolutely no jerks and stops, which is very important to be able to gently land on the ground and sink into the earth.

With two different release mechanisms (right picture; yellow and red release rope) – yellow with adjustable break – this tool is absolutely safe and simple to handle.

Advantage: Usable with one hand (view picture: release rope and letting down rope) the other hand is free to support the treated person when gently rolling down to the ground.

ha6cThe foot seals have each been tested with 400 kg and the HANGAB-elevator with 800 kg, which means 8 times security!

(P.S.: the HANGAB-elevator + accessories is available with me.)