Dates for Workshops & Sessions


25 th March: Bhakti Grooves- Singing Celebration in the Yogabarn/ Bali:

start: 7.30 pm- 9.30 pm
price: 130.00 Rp

26 th March Hangab-Ground Workshop in the Yogabarn/ Bali:

start: 10 am -  4 pm 
price: 800.000 Rp  

2 nd -8 th April: Hangab-Sessions at the  Balispiritfestival

12 th- 15 th April Hangab-Basic I Workshop at the Yogabarn/ Bali:

start:   9 am -  Sun 4 pm 
price: 5.000.000 Rp  (earlybird until 10th April 4.500.000 Rp)

27th April- 1st May Hangab-Sessions in the Yogastudio:  Rund um Yoga Düsseldorf:

registration: or WhatsApp an +436764614672

29th April Hangab-Ground Workshop in the Yogastudio: Rund um Yoga Düsseldorf:

start: 13. -16 h 

10th - 13 th May: Hangab- Basic I in the Hangab-Center Bodensee

10 am - Sun: 5 pm
Price : 480 Euro (earlybird until 9 th of April 440 Euro)

18 th - 20 th May: Hangab- Familygathering in the Hangab-Center Bodensee
Fr.13 am - Sun: 5 pm
Price : 100 Euro

Qualification: Basic II Workshop

31 st -3 th June: Hangab-Sessions at the Spirit of Naturefestival/ fränkische swiss www.

7 th - 10 th of June: Hangab- Basic II Workshop in the Hangab-Center Bodensee
Th: 10 am - Sun: 5 pm
Price : 480 Euro (earlybird until 7 th of May 440 Euro)

22th-24th of June Hangabsessions at the Bhaktifestival in Firenze

25th June: Hangab- Infoevent in the Yogastudio:Samadhi Florenz/

start: 8 pm 
afterwards singing together power and healing songs

26th- 27th June: Hangab-Sessions in the Yogastudio Samadhi- Florenz/ Italy 


28th June- 1st July: Hangab-Basic I  Workshop in the Yogastudio: Samadhi-Florenz/

start: 10 am - Sun 5 pm 
price: 400 Euro ( earlybird until  20 th June 360 Euro)

19th -23th  July: Hangab- Sessions at the  BarcelonaYoga Conferencefestival

2 nd - 5 th  August: Hangab- Profi Workshop in the Hangab-Center Bodensee
Th: 10 a.m. Sun: 5 p.m.
Price : 480 Euro (earlybird until 2 th of July 440 Euro)

7th - 12th  August: Hangabsessions at the healingheartfestival at Schloss Glarisegg (CH):

31st August- 2nd September Hangab-Sessions at the  Yogafestival in Überlingen:

13th-16th September Hangab-Basic I  Workshop in the Hangab- Center Bodensee

start:10 am - Sun 5 pm
price: 480 Euro ( earlybirf until 20th August 440 Euro)

18th-21st October Hangab-Basic II  Workshop in the Hangab- Center Bodensee

start: 10 am - Sun 5 pm
price: 480 Euro ( Frühbucher bis zum 21.September 440 Euro)

13th -16th December Hangab-Profi  Workshop in the Hangab- Center Bodensee

start: 10 am - Sun 5 pm 
price: 480 Euro ( earlybird until  5th November 440 Euro)

With us at Lake Constance Deggenhausertal dates for single and couple sessions are possible also on saturday. It is possible to have a Session in our beautiful treehouse, but just in combination with