Hangab-Basic I+II Workshops:  

Workshop Content Basic I

  • material security
  • Putting on the foot seals
  • Using the Hangab-Lift
  • Touch in Presence
  • Inviting the Spirits
  • Rope-assisted Ground work
  • Poses for max. Well-being (Lifts)
  • Postures such as the "Cliffjumper"
  • Tips to support the letting go
  • Hangab-Yoga (Hangab-Yourself and practice Yoga)

 The first day each participant can hangout himself for 1-2 times and learn and enjoy different Hangab-Yogapositions

Day 2 -4 we get familiar with the possibilities of Hangab-Ground, where the torso and the head remains on the floor.

Each participant will give daily a session and get one.

 It is really fascinating and touching to accompany someone in this upside down position. Several times it was mentioned by workshop participants: "I have never been felt so present like in the first Hangab-Session I gave"!
 Presence allows intuitive actions and events can be. So you will be familiar in Basic I with the Hangab-Lift, the Hangab- Basic techniques and the Hangab-Yoga.

Although the partiucipants come to learn Hangab and deepen it, it is also a profound, liberating and cleansing self healing for each individual and the group. It's like a domino effect, once a person begins to let go, often with a authentic expression of noises (moaning in well-being, cry, sob, laugh ...) is connected to let the others infected by it and remember, I may indeed release.

We also use the heart medicine open the joint singing of sweeping up inspirational Songs- a wonderful way to go into the presence, to enjoy and to raise each other.

After this workshop, you can obtain a Hangab-Set and decide whether you want to use Hangab only for yourself (Hangab-Yoga) or if you want to give sessions to others and act in the public, then the participating of the workshops Basic II and Professional is required.


Workshop Content Basic II

  • Talk before and after the session
  • Different pressure points
  • Swinging in resonace
  • Visual and intuitive perception of blockages
  • Intuitive Doing 
  • Different postures and lifts to support the release of the free hanging
  • Being aware of the own posture while giving a session
  • Dealing with emerging emotions

The first day we deepen Hangab-Ground,

Day 2-4 it goes up so far that the head is just above the ground and we deepen this.

 Free in the air, it opens up another world. If the hanging body moves in three dimensions, rotated and is held, the head can really let go and one has the feeling of floating in zero gravity.

Every participant has the opportunity to give and to recieve a Hangab-Session each day.
The course is suitable for all age groups, no special education necessary. 
Please bring comfortable clothing and long socks with you.