Information & prices

Please wear comfortable clothes and warm socks. Pants with an elastic waistband or cord as well as a long shirt, which can be plunged into the pants while hanging upside-down. Women can come without any bra, as that would allow to work more dignified on the heart area


People with raised eye pressure should not be hung upside down, as well as women during menstruation!

Minimum age for single sessions: 7 years 

Minimum age for Workshops: 18 years


  • Prices: 
For single sessions: 2 hours 100 Euro (reduction for students, pensioner by asking possible)
  • Für Basic & Profi-Workshops  siehe Termine
  • Workshops for companies, groups and associations according to arrangement. 

  • Hangab set: Hangab lift + wristband + pocket 1200€ (incl. tax) 

  • Hangab pyramid + rotary + pocket (without Hangab set) 1980€ (incl. tax)