Hangab-Professional Workshop

The workshop contents:

  • Deepening the intuitive perception

  • introduction of shamanic methods
  • connection with the spiritual world
  • internal and external attitude doing Hangab
  • impulses with voice, drum, sound bowl, Didgeridoo. . . 

  • relaxation techniques for a maximum sense of well-being

  • Hangab with the vibratory spring
  • sharing your own experiences
  • ideas for cooperations with events, festivals, public facilities
  • networking


In this workshop it goes finally all the way up till the fingertips are shortly above the ground.

The body is hanging totally in the air and can be moved in 3 dimensions.

Besides different body postures and moves it will go much to subtleties and fine sanding.

As a conclusion, there is the HANGAB certificate what allows you to use the HANGAB logo, to appear publicly with HANGAB and to be represented at our HANGAB world map (network side).