Hangab-Professional Workshop

The workshop contents:

  • Deepening the intuitive perception

  • introduction of shamanic methods
  • connection with the spiritual world
  • internal and external attitude doing Hangab
  • impulses with voice, drum, sound bowl, Didgeridoo. . . 

  • relaxation techniques for a maximum sense of well-being

  • Hangab with the vibratory spring
  • sharing your own experiences
  • ideas for cooperations with events, festivals, public facilities
  • networking
, introducing the Hangab pyramid, the Hangab-Tipi and providing further Hangab-news
And, of course, we will give as many Hangab to each other sessions as possible ☺

In this workshop you will give a session before witnesses and then get feedback. It will go much to subtleties and fine sanding. As a conclusion, there is the HANGAB certificate what allows you to use the HANGAB logo, to appear publicly with HANGAB and to be represented at our HANGAB world map (network side).